Jesse Sylvia Review – Is It Really Worth It?

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Loved by many, written about by millions, the best-selling, revolutionary, Jesse Sylvia poker hand analysis software has enabled so many people to become super players. The aim of this article is to dispel the myth that poker hand analysis is only for the few or the rich. It is possible to earn money and win lots of it using the software.

Jesse Sylvia is the brainchild of casino mogul and self-proclaimed poker sage Tony Wan. He was one of the first to use an electronic gaming device (eg an online poker program) when he joined the internet poker world.

And while many experts in the online poker world have described his poker hand analysis software as being his most valuable tool, Tony’s real money currency is in online seminar sales and product endorsements. Now he wants to share his knowledge with you!

Easy to use, often even “intuitive” Like so many other such tools, Jesse Sylvia makes the learning curve of playing online poker very quick and easy. All the software does is play the hand, and your hand, in a very straight forward way. As it is designed to be easy, the software can be used by any level player and can be taught to play. Even novice players can quickly master the basic concepts of the software.

The particular program was originally developed for poker tournaments that require live dealers. However, the ability to run the software even on free games makes it very popular with players. Jesse Sylvia poker hand analysis software is available free and can be downloaded right from its website.

Playing the Poker Hands One of the biggest benefits of using the Jesse Sylvia poker hand analysis software is the enormous amount of data you can get. Using the program, you can view all the different cards you are dealt and see what they are in full. You can also work out the odds for each card, how each card affects the hand and whether there is a certain colour of card which is going to do well in the hand.

All this solid evidence is presented in the program to make sure you know exactly what to do. You can work out the odds and predictions for a particular hand and whether or not the card is likely to have much value. For instance, if a player says that the ace of spades is high, Jesse Sylvia will tell you so.

What you do not get to see is your past hands. But by using the Jesse Sylvia poker hand analysis program, you can see what cards you have dealt, and what you have won on previous hands.

The program also displays all the stats on poker luck and how much your hand has improved since the last hand. It is designed to give you an understanding of what you should do next.

There are also great features like being able to choose a poker room that matches up with your skill level, which is convenient if you want to change your poker room settings. Also, Jesse Sylvia helps you win more hands, as well as maintaining and improving your own hand.

You can see past hands which would have been lost with the program and also find the most profitable bets you’ve made in the past to improve your poker history. If you play in a poker tournament and want to start from scratch again, Jesse Sylvia can help you get started again. The program also offers tie breakers to make sure that your bets match up with the odds so you can play safely.

Use the great software to improve your play and learn how to win consistently. There is also a version of the program for Windows, so if you prefer the poker side of things, you can try using the Windows version.