Jen Harrington – Poker Personality

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A superstar in the poker scene, Jen Harrington has played the game of poker professionally for several years. But that does not mean that she is only an observer. She is an active player and a commentator.

As a professional poker player, Harrington was known as the “Poker Babysitter” for several years. She was a mother to a large number of poker players from various countries. When she finally retired from the game, she wanted to keep the activity going as a business.

Poker Babysitter was so successful because it was a real family-oriented program with a reality show spin. A lot of people were attracted to the idea of being a poker mom. That made Jen Harrington one of the most popular players in the history of the poker industry.

The show was a big hit and attracted the attention of many Hollywood stars. Many of those stars wanted to be the next guest on the show. When Jennifer was chosen as the guest host, she quickly became the best-selling poker personality.

The poker television series made it a sensation worldwide. It has become an international phenomenon. All over the world, many fans loved and appreciated the show.

However, the competition did not take lightly to Jen Harrington’s presence in the field of poker. They tried to bring her down by having her lose and their own female players. They even tried to bring her down with the help of their male stars.

But it did not work. The reality show became such a hit that poker’s world governing body, World Poker Tour, made it very clear that they wanted Jen Harrington to continue in the business. Because of that, the competition faced its biggest challenge.

The players realized that if they can’t beat Jen Harrington, they will have to join the World Poker Tour. They decided to make their own show in order to beat her. But that was not going to be easy.

They invited her to be a contestant on their television show called “Pax America.” But Jen Harrington was not interested. She wanted nothing to do with it.

Tournament organizers realized that Jen Harrington was the only one who had enough motivation to continue. This motivated them to keep the tournaments fair. They gradually eliminated the female players from the tournament. But Jen Harrington managed to hold her own and became the only female poker player in the world.

Jen Harrington continued her TV show and also started other ventures in the poker world. She also opened her own website that allowed her to make money online. Her site has already become a part of online poker history. She has already made a mark in the world of online poker.

Now that she is retired, she still manages to keep in touch with all the poker world and still has her own websites. If you have not yet heard of her, you are missing out. If you are a poker player, you should definitely take time to get to know her.