Jeff Gross Tees – A Guide to Finding Them Online

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Jeff Gross is known as one of the most prolific poker writers today. His work includes books, magazines, newspapers and web sites about the game of poker. He is also a recognized expert on online poker strategies and events.

He currently works for PokerStars as a professional tourney director for the U.S. Poker Tour and is an advisor to several of the top online casino establishments. He is a member of the Professional Poker Players Association and the Professional Professionana Argentina.

Check out the pictures of Jeff below:

On his business card, he wears this:

And the jeans:

All these are from the television show “The Money Team” starring John Ewing. This is one of Gross’ favorite things to wear:

His shirt says it all:

It’s true, you can buy his actual ones at the shop he designed them for. They cost him slightly more than his designs, but his passion for the material and attention to detail makes them more special than the others. I know, I saw his name at the bottom of it, so I ordered one too.

Jeff Gross has created a unique, original way to promote poker players that otherwise couldn’t afford to go on tour. A thank you gift card for any gift from him would do, or he could offer to create your own shirt if you order the shirt from his website.

He’s worked with stars like Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, and Kenny Rogers, which makes sense considering he worked with some of the greatest living musicians. Some of his most well-known talents have been designing golf tees and polo shirts. It is hard to think of anyone who doesn’t know Jeff Gross by now.

People I know ask me to help them with their shirts every week, even if I don’t want to. A lot of Gross’ ideas are big hits with fans because they already know he would like it. Whether it’s him designing your own tee shirt or designing shirts for celebrities, there is always a new one out there. Jeff’s passion is in creating and sharing the inspiration he has seen throughout his life.