Jason Somerville – Book Review

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Jason Somerville is the author of this outstanding work, Poker at the Internet Star, which I have read and enjoyed so much. Somerville is a great storyteller and he has accomplished something that many other authors have not.

With Poker at the Internet Star, Somerville has created a mystery that continues to fascinate. In fact, poker is becoming so popular that it has been featured on daytime television. There are many television programs about poker.

As we read more about poker, the internet becomes increasingly popular. All of us are attracted to the Internet and the things that can be accomplished online. What will become of poker?

Somerville’s style of writing brings the reader along with him as he finds himself playing high stakes games on the Internet. He follows his character along with him through the many virtual tournaments he plays in. Somerville’s knowledge of the Internet makes the story fun to read.

The action of the story moves in a very exciting way. The story will continue to intrigue you as the stakes rise and the odds become more difficult to come by. Somerville never lets you become bored. There is a balance between plot and suspense that is very well done.

The main antagonist in the story is a veteran online poker player who takes it upon himself to ensure that nobody wins, therefore everyone loses. It is only after Jason is knocked out of the tournament and loses money he wonnings that he realizes that he must work as a team. With the help of his team, he does win and he loses the exact same amount that he would have if he had played alone.

With the Poker at the Internet Star, Somerville explores another aspect of poker. He discusses how the game works and how the players make their own rules. A good and interesting read.

IOTA also tells the story of Jason’s marriage and his quest to find a girlfriend. He is not alone in his search. Many others are searching for a girlfriend. Jason and the members of his team to play poker together.

In the end, Jason discovers a guy back at the same casino. Together they make their way into the life of high rollers and how they fit in. Jason realizes that it is not the kind of life he wants to live.

IOTA takes us into the world of poker and introduces us to Jason Somerville. The players play poker, eat food, and smoke pot. They drink and party and stay up late into the night. It is a lot of fun to read about these characters and the world of poker that Jason explores in this fascinating story.

While Somerville’s poker novels are excellent, IOTA tops them all with the thrill of a life of poker and Jason’s eventual realization that he must work as a team to get a girlfriend. IOTA is a must read for any fan of poker.

The Poker at the Internet Star is a best seller that readers will enjoy. Jason Somerville is the author of many other great novels. If you like fantasy, crime, or horror, there is a Somerville novel out there for you.