How to Apply Winning Poker Strategies to Your Home Game

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Howard Lederer is best known for writing the award-winning poker books as well as the well-loved Aces High. With Aces High he established his reputation as a leading authority on the art of playing poker at the highest level, while Poker for a Millionaire shows that Lederer has achieved a further prize by writing an action-packed book about playing poker at the highest level.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview Lederer and after he saw my profile, he became anxious and asked me if I was available. He also wanted to meet with me for an interview and shortly after our meeting, he e-mailed me that he was “super-excited” about my article on him and the other PGA Tour pros and how their lives are far different from their business counterparts.

There is a lot more detail about the lifestyle of these players and their families in Lederer’s latest book – Aces High. He was extremely forthcoming about what goes on at the PGA Tour events, his pre-tournament routine, which areas of golfing he enjoys and what the secrets are of surviving on the big tour.

The first chapter of Aces High starts off with Lederer revealing the secrets behind the poker room – the secret war room where he works to assess and plan the next move. To learn the secrets behind the poker room, you have to read the book and it really is very interesting.

During our interview, Lederer gave me some great insight into the psychology of a pro. The ‘inner shot caller’ is what Lederer calls them and these people seem to be one step ahead of everyone else throughout the tournament.

In Aces High, Lederer reveals some very clever strategies that golfers have used to become professional poker players and the book explains why these pros have developed these strategies and why others aren’t able to learn these strategies. It is not so much about winning the pots as it is about being able to hold on to them until the end of the game.

Learning how to read the minds of other players and how to apply the knowledge and strategies of others to your own game can be very difficult. If you want to increase your poker skills and you have been winning the big pots, you will probably need to find someone who has already been doing this.

Aces High gives a great insight into the psychology of the world’s best poker players and the secrets they use to outsmart opponents. Having the ability to listen to what the pros are saying is something you will not get from just reading a book.

It helps to get a friend who is a pro to play against and listen to them as you can learn how to apply the strategies that they have mastered to your own game. For those who wish to become professional poker players, Lederer has provided the best resource for a book and all his knowledge can be implemented straight away.

But for those who don’t want to take the risk of learning the strategies from a book, there is no better resource for the finer points of poker than PPTrip Poker. Lederer himself has written a book about poker called Poker for a Millionaire, which will provide you with the information you need to get started.

In addition to information on poker strategies, Aces High covers other topics like how to set up your own family holiday and how to put up some brilliant Christmas decorations to keep people coming back for more. Another topic covered is how to generate more income through the internet and how to get started with your own business using the power of the internet.

Aces High will give you all the skills you need to become a profitable player and Lederer shows you how to build your bankroll, make money and make it outof any casino. This book is going to revolutionise the way you play poker.