Gary Benson’s Book List

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GARY BENTON is one of the leading authors in the field of poker and casino games. He is the author of several books on the subject, among them, A Quiet Rival and The Ultimate Poker Secret.

In his first book, A Quiet Rival, he outlines the basics of the game of poker so that players can easily understand how to play the game. It contains many useful tips about the game and how to improve your chances of winning by using the strategies mentioned in the book.

Gary Benson also gives practical advice about poker tournaments and how to prepare for one. There are numerous useful techniques and tips discussed in the book. You will learn about playing in pots, which hand to play in order to improve your chances of winning, the basics of poker tournament strategy, and how to read your opponents’ hand signals and intonations.

This book is written in a straightforward manner that makes it easy for anyone to understand. It is best suited for people who are new to the world of poker.

The Complete Overview of Poker Strategy and Hand Signals were written with an objective of providing strategies and information on the most important aspects of the game of poker. It gives some interesting and informative tips about poker strategy and hand signals.

The book includes information about the different kinds of poker hands and how to play them. It provides detailed instructions on how to evaluate cards and interpret the hand signals used by opponents.

This book contains all of the strategies and hints which help players learn how to play the game of poker. You will learn how to deal, split and raise the pot to your advantage.

If you want to learn more about poker, A Quiet Rival is a great place to start. The information contained in this book is useful to both beginners and advanced players of the game.

The Ultimate Poker Secret is the second of the books written by Gary Benson. This book contains more of the same information found in the previous book and some more advanced tips.

The author covers all of the strategies, tips and tactics that you need to know if you are a player of casino card games. The last of the three books Gary Benson has written.

Gary Benson and his team have put together the most useful poker strategy books in one. These strategies and hints in this book will help you play better at the game of poker.

It is advisable to read these books before you get started in the game of poker. You will soon learn the tricks and strategies of poker.