Famous Poker Players Who Came From Playing Poker Seriously

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It’s one of the most popular poker games on the planet, and Alex “Ace” Kostritsyn has already been one of the most successful poker players in history. He started playing poker at age twenty, and at twenty-one was making his living as a professional poker player.

That’s right. Ace has been playing poker professionally since 1991.

You’ve probably heard about Alex Ace in the news, or maybe you’ve read about him in an article or two. If not, then the following is definitely for you!

Ace came up with a “game plan” to make sure he would be playing poker professionally. He began by changing the way he plays. He stopped setting goals of winning every hand and instead focused on trying to beat the other players.

This is known as the Kostritsy Method, and it is what drove some of the poker pros that he competed against to beat him. That was back in the day when “average” meant the same thing as “noob” does today. Nowadays, there are a few tournaments where the “average” player wins.

In fact, many professional poker players have had to face ace after ace of opponents, only to keep coming back to him. They weren’t there yet, but when they did meet him again they simply “shut down” with him.

These days Ace makes a living from one of his many popular series of online poker training lessons. He posts his videos on a free website. You can get access to these and learn how to play better.

Many of the poker players who are well-known now come from this personal endeavor to improve themselves. However, not all of them came from playing poker seriously at a high level.

There are also many people who are well-known for their poker tournament performances. Maybe you are one of those people.

Most of these top players didn’t just want to beat everyone else, or to get rich. In fact, most of them wouldn’t even admit that they enjoyed playing poker at all.

Most of them just wanted to get better at poker, and poker was just a means to that end. And this was good for Ace, because his winnings were always much more than the amount of money he lost in a tournament.

The top players like Alex Ace are not only honest with themselves and with each other, but they are also extremely honest with the poker community as a whole. They’re the types of people who will call you a noob before you say it to yourself.