Fabrice Soulier

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Fabrice Soulier is perhaps the greatest poker player ever. While he was a master of the game of poker, he also brought his wide knowledge of psychology and strategy to the table in order to bring about a championship level in the game of poker. He is also said to be one of the founders of ‘Emperiod of Poker’.

When he first started playing poker, Soulier was approached by a group of friends who wanted him to join their group. They took him to a place in Bordeaux that they had no business being in. The other members of the group went to a club. Soulier liked this idea and asked the group if they would play poker with him.

He figured it out that they wouldn’t be happy going against people they knew and had strong feelings for. To convince them to play with him, he promised to help them win the game and they got on board. From that point on, his game of poker became known as ‘Emperiod of Poker’.

Soulier faced real pressure to bring a trophy home for the group after the games and the prize money was not good enough. Thus, he played more than twenty-eight games for every one he lost. He only felt pain when he missed more than one chip.

The way in which Soulier dealt with his losses was incredible. There were many critics at that time who had a lot of positive things to say about the man but few people did not think him capable of being one of the greatest poker players. You will be surprised to know how he managed to get all the ladies.

After winning all the games and being praised by everyone, he quit playing. He told his friends to sit on the sidelines and wait for his next move. While he was missing playing poker, his friends gradually disappeared. The only person he played with were his sisters.

His friends wondered why he didn’t get back in the game. One day, the members of the group found him sitting alone at the poker table. They told him about the demands of the public.

They told him that he had to play on and win more money. His father had recommended him to play poker. So, when he lost the next game, he decided to go back to the game and win.

He asked the people who were still playing to give him a name of ‘Emperor’ as his title and so he went on to win the game of poker. Since then, he won several competitions and he soon started getting bigger amounts of money.

The money gave him many benefits. Firstly, it was much easier to go out and get women since he could afford them. Second, his friends and relatives no longer asked him to quit the game because he was considered to be the best in the world.

He could always take his friends and siblings along with him if he wanted to play. He could have a great time with his friends and family at the casinos where he would play the game of poker for endless hours.

While the great game of poker was his, he also proved that one can make a living with poker without necessarily losing everything. Only his nerves and his character is said to have stopped him from winning titles at the game of poker.