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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mike Gorodinsky, the author of Poker for Dummies, has had an incredible impact on the world of poker. In this brief article I am going to examine his impact and his message to poker players and how it applies to everyone.

Poker is a game of ego. Players tend to be arrogant, self-centered and egotistical. While these characteristics are perfectly natural in many other areas of life, it does tend to hamper good decision making and make decisions seem unwise.

Gorodinsky sees things differently. While ego may be good for some, it is bad for others, and it certainly is bad for business.

After watching and playing the games of poker over the years, I have learned quite a bit about the elements of poker that help create success and the components that hurt. One of the concepts that Gorodinsky advocates in his book, and that I find helpful, is that of the idea of the scalping rule.

For those who are new to the game, you probably started out betting on the low limit or the mid limit. What Gorodinsky teaches is that the low limit and mid limit are often the ones that reward players that make better decisions. While this is true, what you should be betting on is between the two limit and the five limit.

In this sense, the more you will be playing a hand the more likely you are to be able to get an advantage. You should therefore not always be fearful of losing. Fear can delay your reflexes so that you are less likely to act on impulse.

Going all-in is very important as well. The worst thing you can do is to fold and play a long pot. Folding when you can still win is a great strategy, as it gets you out of a tight situation before it gets worse. However, this should not be done with any real frequency as it will increase your chances of folding and the other player can then walk away with a pot that you will have to fight over.

A good way to play multiple hands is to try to come up with the pot to split between the cards you call and you fold. That way you don’t lose everything. The general rule in this case is: if you are trying to make a decision and come up with the best possible move, it is better to fold than to call and hope to turn the pot.

This is not to say that one should never fold. The scalping rule states that there are situations where it makes sense to fold. In particular, when the hand is simply a good bluff and it will take the other player long enough to figure out that the bet is probably a bluff, folding is the smart play.

The other aspect of Mike Gorodinsky’s books that I found to be beneficial was his discussion of side bets. He believes that side bets can sometimes be more advantageous than playing a full house. Here are some of the reasons why:

Another thing that I like about side bets is that it helps you to avoid possible errors that can occur when your opponents spot your outs and use them. Side bets will also avoid you from making a costly mistake such as calling cards and getting out of position while trying to bluff.

These are the things that I liked about Mike Gorodinsky’s book, and that I believe most poker players need to be aware of. He is a great teacher and in addition to his expertise he also offers great insights into the world of poker and this short article on poker for dummies can provide you with a few of them.