Dimitar Danchev

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Dimitar Danchev was a live poker pro in his own right. He was the winner of multiple world championships and an all-time great. I got to know him when he moved into the world of online poker as a professional. After winning his first online poker tournament, I knew I had to meet him.

I had recently decided to go for a hot poker tournament, and asked my buddy if he wanted to join me. We had played some poker, but not as a pair. Dimitar, a Russian living in Canada, was keen to try out the web versions of online poker. He wasn’t sure he wanted to deal with a real live player, as he felt that was too much of a risk. But, he was looking forward to playing online poker so thought we might as well give it a go.

Poker is a good game, but there is also money involved. The more time you spend playing poker, the more money you can make.

Dimitar found out that with my web poker software, he could compete against the best players in the world. He couldn’t really tell who they were, but he certainly wanted to beat them. But he also had a problem.

Dimitar had lost so many times, so I told him that if he won at least one tournament online, he would get a little something. Dimitar agreed to do it, and thus we became very good friends.

Poker was getting to be too much for him. He quit for a while and then came back, having not made much progress. In truth, he had come on too strong, and his natural ability was not making up for it.

Then a friend suggested we go for another poker tournaments. Since we both had to pay to play, we thought we could get some good cash for our effort. The games were becoming much better, and we quickly improved as poker players.

Dimitar began to show improvement every time. He won the next few tournaments, and many other online poker tournaments. He started to use one of the strategies he had learned to beat his rivals.

The strategy he used was called “DIME”. It is a variation of “MIX” that involves more bluffing.

You are bluffing, but you fake information instead of straight up telling them that you have the best hand. This gets them to think they’re the worst, and then you tell them you’ve got their best.

Eventually, Dimitar’s bluffing abilities became so good that he was beating his opponents hands over again. He was leading over them in most of the tournaments that he entered. He was able to outplay them and beat them quite handily.

Dimitar got so good at bluffing that he was able to earn money on his cards without actually playing the cards. He used some tactics from my web poker software and became so good at bluffing that he was able to win more money than he played. This has been his career for many years now.