David Sands – Poker Players Anonymous by Stephen Jacobs – Book Review

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In my reading, David Sands is one of the most important poker players of all time. His book is called Poker Players Anonymous and it tells of the many failures he had on the poker table. I found that this book told me a lot about the life of a poker player and how not to play. So here’s a few things about what this book is about.

A part of what you learn in the book is just how hard it is to be a poker player. I have played in live tournaments, tried to go pro and win major tournaments. I have been on the losing end of the table many times when it comes to playing against pros.

One great part of the book is how Sands was able to make such a long career on the losing end of the table and how that set him apart from the rest. He learned to hold his emotions and handle different personalities in order to succeed. That is why he was successful.

He was able to not give up when the chips started to fall and that helped him to be successful at poker. And that is a thing that all of us who are in poker must learn. It does not matter if you have good hands or no hands, when the chips start to fall, you have to push through.

One thing about poker is that poker players can feel defeated at any point. It may be as small as a chip drop. It may be as big as a low hand but for some players it is just as important.

Simple has it. A hand could just fail or get a high. Simple is a word to describe this life. It is important to remember that poker is a game of poker and anything can happen on the way to being defeated.

One of the things I like about Sands is that he was able to take an incredible amount of failure and come out the other side of it with amazing success. That is what sets him apart from so many others.

The other thing I like about Sands is that he made it his mission to live up to this statement. He took each failure and grew from it into something better. Even though he fell on his face many times, his character would withstand the pain and get him up. That is the mark of a true winner.

One more thing I liked about the book is that the leftovers of stories and tips that would help the next person in his shoes. He never forgot the lessons of the past and continued to use them in his life. I know I would have benefited from a book like this in my life.

Sands was able to make the best out of his poker experience. It helped him win major tournaments and make millions from it. Because of it, I want to be successful in my own life. If he is successful, I want to be successful as well.

This short story about the book is about David Sands as well. He tells it himself in a way that is very honest and seems very genuine. I think it is a story that everyone who has been to Vegas and want to be there should read.

One of the best parts of this book is that poker itself is portrayed as it should be. That is something that comes across clearly in the stories. The fact that it takes players that are bitter and miserable to start and then gives them enough strength to keep going through to the end is what makes it really work. I wish all players would read this book.