Christoph Vogelsang

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This interview is the first in a series I plan to do with the German poker pro, Christoph Vogelsang. Christoph started playing poker as a young man in the Czech Republic and moved to Germany as a poker pro in 1995. He speaks English well and has great English poker knowledge, although this would only have been acquired after playing the game.

Christoph started playing poker for the American money. During the early stages of his career he was playing in very large tournaments at clubs, then moving up to bigger tournaments. He won some big tournaments, and it seemed like every weekend he would end up winning a top tournament.

However, Christoph found that the European tournaments were much more fun. He learned about money management and how to play the game efficiently. At the time, he was looking for a better deck that he could use to win in European tournaments.

He found a card that he could consistently play, which he found out about as a teenager. It was called the South Seas Bully. It was a full house in Europe, and everyone wanted to play against it. He won a number of these tournaments, and he still has them in his old files.

Christoph was looking for a new kind of deck and could not find one in Europe. This is when he had the idea of studying poker in the United States. He did this and learned a lot about playing poker, as well as helping others to learn the game.

He found that the European tournament players knew a lot more about their cards than he did. This meant that he could come up with many better strategies for the European tournaments, and be ahead of the competition.

Christoph also had great success in a number of World Series of Poker events. He played on TV, and won quite a few tournaments.

Poker is a game that seems to go on forever. As a poker pro, you can expect to play for years, and earn plenty of money.

At first, he learned Spanish and had to get a job in Spain so that he could study Spanish while at the same time having to play all day long in the English tournament circuit. He was looking to earn an international position, and he wanted to become as good as he could.

Christoph is now living in Boston, and is taking up a teaching job. He wants to be in a position where he can give back to the community, so he has started a charity. The charity is called Poker Stars, and it helps people who are handicapped, by sponsoring players who handicap themselves, and making them pay the tournament fees.

Christoph wants to teach poker, and is working on it. He has made many friends, and he wants to help out all the poker pros in the United States, so that they can give back to the community.

In the end, I hope that I have created an interesting profile of the German poker pro, Christoph Vogelsang. He is full of ideas and is extremely smart. He also seems to have no shortage of good stories to tell, which is always fun.