Christian Harder – Legendary Poker Player

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Christian Harder was part of the poker elite. He is now one of the premier online poker players on the internet, but back in his early days he wasn’t so well known, except in a select few circles.

During this time, he was at the peak of his professional poker player career. His back then he was known for holding the world record for the most hands won in a game by a single player. Most poker pros at the time were beginning to think of going to Vegas to play poker tournaments, so Christian chose to go to Las Vegas instead.

There he got involved with a famous poker room called Winning Poker. There were no rules and the rule book didn’t cover what you would have to do or what the house would do, so Christian actually played according to what he thought was fair and legal. He spent several months in Vegas playing poker tournaments and winning them.

That was the start of the difference between Christian and the rest of the poker players. He would tell other players that he could win in a hundred different tourneys. He talked about how he made it through hard times financially, because of this poker career.

He also told other players that he did these real money poker tournaments because of the extra cash that would be coming in from his bonuses. By the time this strategy was revealed, though, the biggest poker players realized that they could beat him with minimal costs.

It turns out that he was having a lot of success in the poker room, and he had a bit of a rivalry with Dan Cousin. After winning some money, Dan offered to take the money and run. Christian accepted, not wanting to lose all of the money he had just won, and cut ties with him.

One day he received a message from Dan. He said he would like to meet up and see what was going on, and they would play against each other.

Today, Dan is a regular at the online poker rooms. Christian is not as successful as he once was, but he still manages to be one of the better players.

The problem is that Dan, Christian’s former best friend, doesn’t play as often as he used to. He said he is going through some personal issues that have caused him to spend a lot of time away from the table.

Recently, I watched a video of Christian against Brian Perriello. It was the first time I had seen Christian and Brian in action.

This time, Brian backed up a guaranteed bet and almost took down the table with his pocket pairs. Although Christian never put any chips on the table, he still managed to come out on top. He was able to use his track record to lead the table in hands won and not fall too far behind the leader.

Christian played many tournaments with Dan, and although they never played against each other, the two were always happy to have each other as opponents. In fact, one of Christian’s friends claimed that he still talks to Christian every week about poker. Although Christian is not very popular at the moment, he will be soon.