Brandon Meyer Explains Why Players Are Trained To Say ‘I’ve Never Won’

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In the months leading up to the release of his fourth book, Poker Players Anonymous: The Truth Behind a Tough New Game, Brandon Meyer explained to me the roots of his work. He mentioned how the book was inspired by the movie about Tiger Woods. And that he originally wanted to write a biography. Then he came across poker and was immediately captivated by it.

I couldn’t disagree more with him. I have had many conversations about poker and in all of them, some people talk about their own struggles with this game. Sometimes, they talk about a long history of failures with it, as though this is somehow an inherent characteristic of the game.

Poker players do not have a history of failures. And any player who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

How can we prove it? Because the reason poker players say “I’ve never won,” is because, for many, there was never a moment where they truly “wins” in the game. That moment only happens once or twice, where they put it all together.

That’s what separates poker from gambling and sports betting. There are very few cases where someone has gotten away with it. It doesn’t happen often, and even less when it does.

If you’re thinking about joining the casino business, think again. Casino owners do not deal in real money. This is the only kind of business they’ve ever been in. These people don’t play the game, and the odds are never in their favor.

So what does Brandon Meyer have to do with poker? We can examine his own history to see exactly why poker players make this claim. Brandon Meyer first became successful in the game in his early twenties. For about a decade, he lived in Europe, working as a dealer at some of the most famous casinos. He did this for years, and no one ever beat him.

He wrote about this extensively in Poker Players Anonymous, and I think it’s safe to say that it is what motivated him to become so successful. He finally got the chance to move to the United States, and he did. There were few who could compete with him.

Many successful high rollers have told me stories about what happened when they arrived in America. The casino owners would often be gracious enough to hire them as part of their staff.

Most of them kept things pretty simple and started by working as poker tournament organizers. They would pay them a percentage of their winnings. This allowed them to start with very little and quickly build up their way up the ranks.

They knew this business was not the same as the ones they used to live in. When they finally had the chance to run the game themselves, many of them got left behind.