Brad Vernon and George Lax VS Brad Tauscher – The Bet

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Brad Vernon and George Lax were in Australia last week playing in the States where Brad lost to ‘The Master’ of Poker, Brad Tauscher in the final table. But they both knew that the point of the tournament was to make an impression with the audience and show that they could compete with the best.

The two head over heels poker players went head to head. Brad won and the crowd applauded, but Brad was undeterred and stated to the crowd ‘I think I can win the whole thing’.

Brad is the hottest betting player today, he has a high probability to win every pot he plays in poker. His confidence and the way he plays poker have earned him many fans, especially those players who don’t like the game of poker.

Now you might be wondering, how do you know if you have the right player for your poker game? Well in Brad’s mind he knows that he is the best and will win every hand. However, there are players like Brad Tauscher who don’t really have that same certainty.

Their poker skills are very good but you need to see them play to get a real feel for their play and how they plan out their moves. Of course, you don’t really want to bet your hard earned money on the players who have low confidence and are only interested in winning the pot.

As for Brad, that is his style, he played aggressively and played strong hands and showed how he wants to win and not simply go for it and hope for the best. Now it’s important to note that Brad Tauscher beat Brad in the final table because he had a good hand at the last table, and Brad didn’t have anything but bad cards. Now it is true that Brad made mistakes, and perhaps in the final table he was fortunate to have a good hand. It’s also true that Brad had trouble dealing with the best poker players and perhaps that is why he wasn’t so confident in the final table. The worse thing that can happen is that he loses to someone who has a low confidence and low points. Even if the player has a low confidence and little points, there’s no reason to place your money on a player who has no confidence and has few points.

Now of course, it’s not always so simple and there are many players who have low confidence and have little points, yet who can win on any hand, and play really strong hands, yet don’t know how to deal with the worst players. You also need to think about the style of play, how the players handle themselves and how confident they are.

There is no secret that to become a successful poker player you need to learn the style of play of the player you are going to face, and learn how to deal with their style. A good example of a player who was very confident and aggressive but just couldn’t win any pot is the late Pete Dye.

He played the game really well but couldn’t win any pot, however, he certainly is one of the best players in the history of poker and never misses money. He certainly learned his poker styles from some of the most successful players and the big time gambler Pete Dye, himself a highly successful poker player and also a former World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner.

Brad Vernon doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the style of play he plays, which is very aggressive and almost blind. But as a poker player he has shown he can play any style and still win.

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