Ask Him About Winning Poker and Don’t Be Shy

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Alex Kravchenko is a best-selling poker player in the United States. He has been a regular on TV shows like “Cash Game,” “Inside the Actor’s Studio”Poker Stars.” He has also appeared in TV commercials for companies such as Revlon, Zeta-Helix, Vicks VapoRub and Valvoline.

Like any successful poker player, Kravchenko also loves to bet big. He will leave the game of cards and the poker table behind, and his next place of interest will be the latest high-tech gadget. He likes computers, cell phones, online shopping and coffee. And since he doesn’t like the sound of money, he doesn’t seem to have any money to spend on anything.

However, unlike most tough guys who take time out from the game of cards and poker table to impress girls, Alex has no problem in mingling with women. He can play them, and he is known to be quite a ladies’ man.

Many players may never get into the casino at all. But Kravchenko thinks that poker is about more than just winning; he thinks it is about winning and having fun.

So while he may not be afraid to talk about winning and his life on the poker table, Kravchenko knows that poker isn’t about being a “loser” like many other people. As he points out, the only thing in this world that we can do is win and have fun.

However, most people don’t get along at the poker table because they find it so tense. So a happy poker player wants to stay away from women. Yet, Alex Kravchenko is a happy poker player who is extremely comfortable with women.

Poker is one of the few games where, even though you are playing against a computer, you can have some fun talking with the dealer. And if the woman sitting next to you is so nice, why shouldn’t you show her the same consideration?

Poker is all about asking the right questions and finding out what a poker player is really thinking. There are so many poker pros who want to know how their opponents are really feeling before making a decision.

They don’t want to see their opponent ready to hurl the game to the floor, so they are asking the question; “How are you feeling right now?” You can always find out the truth in poker, so why not learn how to ask a girl a question when you’re playing poker.

It’s a good idea if you can get into her head before the game starts. If you know her answers to the questions, then you’ll have more of an advantage and should win more games.

A poker interview can also be a good way to get into the right mindset before a game. Most people get nervous during an interview, but not with a poker pro. Kravchenko may not be sure what a question is supposed to mean, but he is good at reading people.