Anthony Zinno Says Women Will Be Winning

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Anthony Zinno is a native of California and has been playing poker for more than fifteen years. He has been recognized by the California Poker Tour as one of the top ten players in the world. Anthony has been on the professional circuit for over a decade, so naturally, he will be helping to decide the next names on the grid for The Poker Stars Texas Holdem Tournament.

Poker Stars already has a lot of strong players coming into the tournament, but who does Anthony think will be the favorite? PokerStars has a pretty solid program going with their technicalities and support. What do you think Anthony? Will he give his vote to one of the pros or will he make his pick from the Texas Holdem Tournament players that are coming out of California?

PokerStars is also offering a big advantage with their extensive information about the competition in this tournament. Anthony is clearly a fan of poker and is knowledgeable about how the game is played.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Zinno, I would recommend that you look at the movie “Winning” by Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. The film starred with De Niro and was really enjoyable, especially when the characters were in real life.

PokerStars and Anthony have recently had an official partnership with the Mayfair Theatre Company and they have put together a piece called “Ladies Only Poker” starring Anthony and Texas Holdem legend Patrick Levy. In it, we see poker being played in the Mayfair Theater with the help of a really good poker player.

It is not hard to see why poker is so popular among women. Even though poker is so much fun, there are still plenty of women out there that just don’t want to be the only person in the room with a poker chip in their hand.

For the ladies out there, and there are many, Anthony had some advice to share. The American lady should always wear something a little more attractive.

Sometimes it’s better to not play with a poker team as you know you’ll be outnumbered in a poker showdown. You should also consider wearing something that reflects your personality.

For instance, Anthony likes a woman that is going to play and relax with her poker cards. She should never let on that she is a poker player, but she should let her hair down.

You might be thinking that all poker players need to look like they are trying their best to be attractive when they play. Actually, Anthony says that is wrong because being attractive is not necessarily better than being a skilled poker player.

As a result, he says that women who are looking for poker are better off with a poker player that can simply look like the rest of the poker players at the table. His advice would be to look at the playing positions of the other poker players to get a clear picture of how good they are.

So, what is the verdict from Anthony Zinno? He would say that women that are attractive and have a few chips on the board will get a better payoff than a woman who is not attractive and has many chips on the board.