Annie Duke Poker – The Best Online Poker Room For Beginners

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One of the best online poker rooms for beginners is Annie Duke Poker. This site has a large variety of games to choose from including, Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Five Card Stud, Five Card Draw, and Full Ring Hold’em.

Annie Duke Poker offers a variety of features to players who are just getting started. Some of these features include the Poker Caddy, which allows players to keep track of their cards at all times while they play. It also comes with chat support so players can discuss the play and other issues as well.

Annie Duke Poker also has a live chat feature and provides two members on the chat that can be contacted by anyone. The game live chat feature allows players to directly contact the chair when they make a move. With this feature, players are not limited to the chat box, which could be distracting.

Annie Duke Poker offers a trial membership to play against others in the chat room. The reason for offering this is to encourage new players to sign up so they can be paired with people that have played more than they do. The poker caddy also offers this feature.

Poker websites should never try to sell you something. For instance, Annie Duke Poker offers a bonus to its players when signing up for the site. The bonus offers is a flat $50 but is very generous and has no strings attached.

The site also offers its members to visit their “Dungeons” to get the adrenaline rush of virtual gaming. Players will be asked to log in to their account before being able to play online in the chat room. If players wish to join the gaming community or get involved in chat, they simply click on the button next to the logo that says “join.”

The only down side to Annie Duke Poker is that it doesn’t offer the same amenities that some other poker sites have. There are no leagues and no tournaments. It only offers one table and poker chips. However, since the poker rooms that do offer leagues and tournaments are all free to join, this could be considered an advantage.

Online poker rooms should always offer poker games at a discount if they do offer them. If players wish to play in tournaments or leagues then they should always go to the poker rooms that are known for hosting such events. However, for new players, Annie Duke Poker is the perfect place to begin their journey to becoming a good poker player.

When playing online at Annie Duke Poker, players can be confident that the site is secure. Because of the large variety of games offered, players can have access to the poker rooms of their choice. They can even create their own custom poker room to play in if they wish.

There are many online poker rooms that require a sign up fee to use, but that’s not the case with Annie Duke Poker. Once a player has signed up, they can login at any time to participate in the chat room or even to take part in tournaments. Annie Duke Poker allows its players to choose the games they would like to play in for their skill level.

In addition to the chat room, Annie Duke Poker offers a poker forum that lets players ask any questions they may have. They can also post reviews of various poker rooms. And, of course, they can do business with other players at any time. Players can purchase other services that Annie Duke Poker offers, such as poker books, high stakes poker games, and even the ability to print cards.

This is why Annie Duke Poker is one of the best poker rooms for beginners. The large number of games, chat rooms, and poker books makes this site a great place to start. Players will enjoy their time playing games and chatting in the chat room and when they decide to increase their game and skills they will be able to do so from the comfort of their own home.