Ana Marquez – Poker Star and Internet Personality

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Ana Marquez is one of the most popular TV poker personalities in the world. You would be hard pressed to find a poker fan that hasn’t at least heard her name or maybe watched her on TV.

To tell you the truth, Ana’s a real powerhouse when it comes to the poker world. I have seen her do it all, from long showdown to winning all of the major tournaments. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing her and have learned a ton about the game of poker and how she truly plays it.

Here are some of the facts you might not know about Ana Marquez. Some of them have been established as fact but some of them I have uncovered in my interviews with her. Let’s start with her upbringing and her love for the sport of poker.

When I asked her about her childhood, she mentioned that she was raised in Venezuela. She has lived there her entire life and was exposed to a lot of different cultures and friends. Her father was a well known poker player who traveled all over the world to compete in tournaments.

As the years went by, Ana met her husband through poker. He became a regular in the local poker room. The couple first met when they both played against each other on the poker circuit and she was able to make the connection that he could be the one for her.

In her free time, Ana would go out and play poker all day long, without losing anything. You could say that her poker brain is in a league of its own when it comes to doing things the right way. Poker is in her blood.

Then there is the passion that she has for teaching others. She has traveled to many poker conferences where she and others have taken apart in coaching sessions. She was always invited back and participated more often than not. Many people seemed to notice this and it was good for her poker popularity.

Poker has made her wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. She knows she will never be able to compete with the celebrities that are playing the game and there is no reason why she can’t make a living at it, whether she is in Las Vegas or not.

Another interesting fact about Ana Marquez and poker is that she is an accomplished poker player herself. She has won thousands of dollars at poker tournaments and she has won every tournament she has ever entered. Her accomplishment is astounding because when you play in tournament tournaments, you often get the chance to win money as well.

She recently stated that she does not consider poker as a sure fire way to make money. However, she feels it is the quickest and easiest way to put money into the bank. Poker is a way of life for her and she continues to come back year after year to continue learning and earning more money.

When I asked Ana about her favourite technique for making money from poker, she said that she would have to say “wagering”. She doesn’t believe in gambling as an addiction as many other people do. She considers it a fun and educational way to learn a lot about the game of poker.

I have personally worked with Ana and she is one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She’s a poker legend and she really does care about poker and the sport of poker more than anyone.