An Interesting Tale About Russell Thomas, the Poker Legend

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Have you heard of Russell Thomas, the winner of the popular game of Texas Hold ‘Em? If you haven’t played poker before, you probably wouldn’t recognize him as the same man who won more than $200 million in a single hand.

Thomas is known as the “king of Texas Hold ‘Em.” But the story of how he amassed this fortune is an interesting one, and a little unusual in the world of sports. This interesting tale is recounted in the following paragraphs.

Russell Thomas was born in Savannah, Georgia on July 31, 1966. He grew up playing golf, as did most of his siblings.

Though he has been described as a good golfer, Thomas is best known for being a very good poker player. His best poker score is in the Pot Limit Omaha game, which is one of the most popular games in the United States.

When Thomas became a professional poker player, he was not a millionaire. His first job as a professional poker player was with a casino in Las Vegas.

Though Thomas didn’t get rich immediately, he soon became a millionaire. Today, Thomas is worth millions.

Russell Thomas has also given himself several nicknames. One of his most popular ones is “the king of Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Another is “the king of Texas Hold ‘Em.” But Thomas doesn’t use this name in a disrespectful way, but instead is more known by his friends as “The King of Hold ‘Em.”

On a number of occasions, Thomas has lost his home and his business. And this led to bouts of depression and mental problems.

In an effort to get back into the world of poker, Thomas went to the famous Bill Weir casino. Here, he met and married a beautiful blond named Vanessa Sheridan.

The couple had two children together, but were soon divorced. Russell Thomas later married Janice Debernard, who is also a professional poker player.