A True Poker Legend

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John “Jup” Juanda is a professional poker player and world famous celebrity. Although he enjoys playing with the big boys, he has become quite well known for being one of the first to admit that poker was at one time his favorite game, aside from poker tournaments. According to some people, this fact is probably why Jup has retained a lot of the players who played against him during his playing days.

His love for poker did not end after retiring from the poker scene. Rather, he started to promote poker as a sport and he was recognized as one of the founders of online poker. His success was astonishing to say the least, but so was his failures.

Juanda was a professional player for about twenty years, until he retired. He was one of the first players to play Texas Hold’em at that time. He quit his job as a financial manager to start playing poker full time, if you can call it that. Juanda lost his first money game but he did not give up on the game.

He got hooked to the game of poker and became passionate about it. Eventually, he sold his career as a financial manager to concentrate on playing poker full time.

What attracted him so much to the game of poker was that it was fun and relatively cheap. He considered poker to be a lucrative career and he loved every moment of it.

When Jup was still playing poker, he met another rising star named Joe Casablancas. Joe was an extremely good player and they developed a friendship.

Since Jup was planning to open his own gaming house and not just support games, he asked Joe if he would sponsor him. Joe enthusiastically agreed and thus Jup became the first and so far only professional poker player to be sponsored by an player.

This endorsement did not stop Jup from playing poker. In fact, he actually started winning more money than he could earn in poker competitions.

Their friendship ended shortly after because Jup joined the Alliance to get rid of the “wicked” reputation of Alliance. After that, he abandoned poker altogether and considered it to be an “investment”. During his tenure as a poker player, he made several career changes and decided to become a musician.

Although Jup continued to play poker at a relatively high level, he got bored with it and he eventually became interested in soccer. Nevertheless, soccer got in the way of poker. Jup was a big soccer fan and he wanted to be able to watch some big soccer matches.

During one such match, Jup asked Joe to sponsor him to help him get the job he wanted. The latter agreed immediately. Jup and Joe became good friends, as well as they became professional rivals, since the rest is history.

One of the most important things about John Juanda is that he is an inspiration for all aspiring players. He is a humanized example for them to follow. From all of his achievements, he remains an amazing character, a story to be told and a person to aspire to be.