A Dream of Football and Other Story Ideas

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Matt Waxman was a legend in his own time. His rise to celebrity and notoriety with one of the most celebrated poker books of all time, “The Poker Face,” only makes him even more beloved today.

Wade was born in a small town in South Dakota. He was somewhat of a shy boy at school, but soon learned that he would have to compete against other boys who were also interested in sports.

Wade was not the class clown in school, but he did have a sharp mind for sports. This brought him into contact with a local wrestler. It was the late 1920s and the wrestler was young but he quickly became well known for his athletic ability.

Wade made an impression on the wrestling trainer and was soon being taken under his wing. The trainer encouraged Wade to try out for the wrestling team, and it was at this time that Wade began his “fall from poker star” into his very famous life.

Wade was the youngest man ever to wrestle in the state championship of Nebraska. He was able to win the award and was given a college scholarship to play football for the University of Nebraska. He was named the quarterback of the Nebraska football team, and he took over the reins from a not so great passer named Bob Devaney.

Wade led the Huskers to two more national championships and won the Heisman Trophy in 1946. Not bad for a guy who did not even get into high school.

Wade was not satisfied with just winning. He wanted to lead his team to victory. He realized that when he was the leader of his team he would have people behind him.

It is no coincidence that Matt didnot go into the wrestling field. He went into the film industry after he became a star on the Nebraska football team. He took the film camera out of his hands and he began to make films about his experiences playing professional football.

At first he was not happy with what he was doing because he did not want to be stereotyped. He took a short break from making films about football players and he decided to write his own book, “I Dream of Football.”

Matt Waxman has said that he was driven to write a book about what happened in his life because he realized that he had a lot of great memories. He noticed that every time he talked about the football team or even a game he had the feeling that he was telling a story.

He was a football player and a quarterback for the University of Nebraska, but he was not satisfied to simply let those titles are the whole story. He wanted to tell stories about the lives he led in Nebraska.

So Matt Waxman wrote his book, “I Dream of Football.” It was a national best seller and he knew he was onto something. This book had the dual effect of inspiring many people to become interested in sports and helped him earn a million-dollar advance for his autobiography.